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MOR Construction offers commercial general contracting services for both landlord and tenant improvement projects. 


As a commercial general contractor, our contracts are delivered through a combination of in house and subcontracted work. Our workers manage, supervise and facilitate our projects. We maintain a safe, clean and organized jobsite and self-perform various tasks required.  We also hire many subcontractors for mechanical, electrical and specialized tasks to ensure work meets code and is performed to the highest standards.


Over the years we’ve vetted a great deal of contractors and have created many valuable relationships. We can therefore seek out and utilize the best contractor for any given task. Some contractors offer better quality, some offer the best price. We look at the needs for each client and we assemble the proper team to meet the task at hand. We’re constantly assessing and adapting to the ever-changing industry to to maintain our competitive advantage.



We specialize in various types of tenant improvement projects. Our experience ranges from Dental, Medical, Restaurants, Offices, and Retail. We take on large complex projects, as well as smaller renovations. We can work in occupied spaces, new developments, strip malls, high rise towers and malls.  We work with all budget and timeline constraints and consistently offer the best value on the market today. 

Are you thinking of leasing/ developing a new space? Give us a call. We have many industry contacts such as building owners, realtors and developers.

Wondering if a space will fit your needs? We can set you up with one of the many talented designers and/or engineers that we work with.


Looking to lease a space and need assistance in reviewing your agreement and tenant space? Contact us, free of charge we’ll review your schedule agreement and tenant space and let you know, from our experience, what you should expect compared with what you’re receiving.


Simply put, when you hire us you get MOR than just a contractor. You’re getting educated, experienced, industry professionals that have your interests at heart. The sooner we’re involved in your project, the sooner we can do so!



Finding the right contractor for your building or project can be a challenging endeavor for many landlords. Each property is unique and a contractor must quickly learn the idiosyncrasies of the property, tenants and user group. At MOR Construction we’re well aware of this need and we’re quick learners. We’re team players and can work well with building operators, mandatory subcontractors, security, cleaners and tenants. 

We sit down from the start with our preconstruction checklist and identify the proper places to park and dispose of debris, path of travel with tools and materials, working hours, notifications, and clean up. 

We’re capable of upgrading equipment, structural modifications or any cosmetic upgrade. We can do nightwork, phasing and fast-tracked deliveries.

We have mandatory insurance, licenses, WCB coverage and a valid safety program. We should have no issue meeting your mandatory construction criteria.

We know how valuable your relationships are with your tenants. We know that as the landlord, the work you do must comply with your construction criteria that you ask of your tenants.  The same as how we look out for our private clients, when you work with MOR Construction, you have an ally. 

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